Ways To Help out

Back in 2011 SCD was started as a passionate networking group because we love this breed.  Over the last couple of years we realized that there was a need for more than that and we began to grow.  We now take dogs into the rescue using volunteer foster homes which enables us to get to know what each dog is like.  Every dog is different and being able to see if they are dog friendly, cat friendly, good with children, etc., gives us the ability to properly match our dogs with the best possible home. 
Social Media has played a huge part in our growth and we have a very active Facebook group that posts updates, pictures and videos of the dogs we have under our care.  With a network of fosters and volunteers across the country, we are now able to initiate rescue in areas where we have available resources. 
Offering rescue cross country is a very big responsibility and we're always looking for new fosters.  Fostering saves lives...not only the dog being pulled from the shelter, but the next one coming into the shelter.  If you're able to foster, please consider signing up with us! 
While we do love this breed, we realize they are not for every home.  Our adoption application is very specific and we do require vet references, telephone interviews, home checks when possible and we always connect our fosters with potential adopters so we can make sure we're placing our dogs in the perfect forever home - for both the dog and the adopting family.




We have partnered up with several companies who donate to organizations like ours based on sales on their websites. You can view the companies on our Partners page. Check back frequently because we are always adding new ways to help!

Our Foster program is very unique which insures our success rate as one of the highest in placement of Carolina Dogs nationwide. We reimburse for all practical and vetting expenses and are available for advice any time.

Your donation goes towards the care and well being of all of our rescues.  We are a 501c3 registered non profit so all donations are tax deductible and we thank you so very much for considering us!