​Taz (male), Tucker(male)  and Bella (female) are 3 siblings we rescued in Texas when they were found running along side the road outside of Houston.  Bella and Tucker both have shorter tails - the vet said they were born that way - while Taz has a full tail.  It's hard to get pictures of them separately - so we have different colored collars on them
Tucker has a green collar, Taz has blue, and Bella has pink (of course!)

Bella is the larger of the pups and she's a very sweet girl who loves to pick up a toy and tote it around the house with her!  She loves to play but also loves to cuddle with you when she's tired out.

Tucker is the little love bug who would rather be following you around the house than playing and rough housing.  He seems to have a submissive personality and he's a 'go with the flow' kind of pup. He's also quite the talker we found out and likes makes his voice heard!

Taz is the little Energizer CD! He's constantly on the go - playing with toys, exploring new places in the yard, starting a puppy play session - he definitely needs an active home!

​All of the puppies will be ready for their forever homes by the 1st week of August after they've had their third round of vaccinations.

While they're located in TX we can transport our dogs just about anywhere in the country.  We are taking applications  for these 3 cuties so they'll have homes waiting for them when they're ready to go!
​Taz, Tucker and Bella said to send an email ASAP because they want to meet you!

Hello world!!!  My name is Rita and I'm currently located in upstate NY - I'm looking for my forever and ever home!!  I'm originally from Texas and I love living in the country.  I'm not so good with very small children and my humans just had a baby so I'm looking for a home that would better suit me.....My current Mom wrote this profile about me below....if you're looking to adopt and can give me a beautiful home in the country...send the rescue an email at savingcarolinadogs@yahoo.com



Rita is a 3 year old piebald beauty. She is a very special girl with some special needs so she is looking for that perfect person. She knows all of her basic commands and loves her crate. She can be off leash and has great recall to her bonded human. She loves most everyone she meets. She has excellent leash manners and loves to hike! She currently lives in a home with a cat and another dog. Rita would do best in a rural environment. She currently lives on a 200 acre farm where she can hunt and run all day, she would love to be able to still do that. Rita’s is a resource guarder so she will needs a home that understands her specific needs. She is a bit insecure despite her long legs and good looks. She takes a little time to warm up to new things including other animals. Her current family loves her very much but Rita has not accepted the new baby in the household well. She is good with kids above the age of 10.


Sweet, precious, puppy love is what this boy is all about!  At just 4 months old we'd like to introduce to you a little pup that was found wandering the streets of Savannah GA.

Meet Little Wolfgang!!! 

He came to us a little over a week ago and everyone who's met him has fallen in love!   We've had all of his vaccinations done at the vet and he weighs a whopping 23 lbs!  We think he'll be about 55 lbs or so when full grown (but he could be slightly bigger!)  ​

This adorable little tot loves to play with other dogs and is very well mannered for such a baby.  He's house broken, crate trained, very social and loves all of his foster sisters and brothers.  He's fabulous with children so if you're looking for a puppy for the kids to grow up with he's just perfect!

He will be neutered when he's a little older so a clause will be put into the contract for whomever adopts him.  
He's currently in Black Mountain, NC (located near Asheville NC) with a pack of 4 other dogs and he's doing just great being the newbie!

Let us know is you'd like to be considered for this little boy - send us an email at 



Rescued from the mean streets of San Antonio TX - and we know they're not all mean, but where we found this sweet boy was a pretty bad area.  The local kids were throwing rocks at him when he tried to come up and make friends with them.  A kind person took him under their wing but could not keep him because their dog didn't like him so they contacted us asking for help.  We immediately sent someone to pick him up and brought him into the local vets where they updated all of his vaccines and neutered him for us.....we called him Karma - it just seemed fitting for him. 
When he arrived at his foster home they decided his name should be Yoda ​- because they already had a dog named Karma (imagine THAT!!!)...and his ears -well they were just like Yoda's!!!

This sweet, majestic pup has really come around being in foster.  No longer shy and scared, he's a bundle of love and warms up to people if they give him some time.  At some point in time someone docked his beautiful tail - but let me tell you...when he wags it he looks like a white tailed deer alerting the herd - it's ADORABLE!!! 

Yoda is around 2-3 years old and would like to find a quiet home with maybe a female dog he can pal around with.  He's not a high energy dog but likes to play.  He loves to be around people and will cuddle on the couch with you.   He weighs about 45 lbs. so he's medium sized.  He's leash trained and does know some commands so we believe he was someone's dog at some point in time.

He's ready for his forever home - and although we know it will take a little bit of time for him to adjust, he deserves to have his own place.

​Send us an email at savingcarolinadogs@yahoo.com if you's like to know more about Yoda.

Rescued from the Garland TX shelter after being on their kill list - this beautiful girl is named Angel.  She was very frightened when we pulled her into rescue and with the help of the other dogs in her foster home, she's come a long way in just a couple of weeks!  

Since her rescue she's been spayed, micro chipped and had all of her vaccinations updated.  She's Heartworm negative and on a monthly preventative.  Angel was picked up as a stray and we have learned that she is a fence jumper so she needs a very secure yard with at least a 6' or higher fence.  She absolutely can NOT be an outdoor dog - she needs the comfort and security of a home.  When we rescued her she had a double ear infection which has been treated and she's recovered from that.  Her left ear tends to stay down more often than not and we're not sure if that's due to the ear infection - but we think that it sure does add character to her!

Angel's ideal home - she has to have another well balanced dog to live with.  A quiet home without too much traffic - but active enough so she gets daily exercise and interaction.  If there are children in the home they should be older than 10 years old - she does take a while to warm up to you, but once she's done she's very silly!

Send us an email if you'd like to know more about Angel - savingcarolinadogs@yahoo.com   


Jada has taken Florida by storm!!  At just 10 months old this beautiful Carolina Dog is always smiling and having fun!  We rescued Jada from a shelter that was completely full and she was in danger of losing her life.  This sweet little girl is up to date on all vaccinations, spayed and HW negative.  She loves to run and play and has recently discovered her foster family's pool....she LOVES to go swimming.

She's currently being fostered with another CD (Iro that was adopted from us a few years ago!)  and the family's other pup - she does great with other dogs!  She weighs about 45lbs and we don't think she'll get much bigger.

While at the shelter she was entered into the prison training program and she excelled at learning commands - she definitely needs a home that will continue with her training.

She does have a prey drive so a home without cats or other small critters would be best.  She's wonderful with children, but can be a bit nippy as she's still a puppy - so no very small children.

Jada's waiting for her forever home - send us an email at savingcarolinadogs@yahoo if you think she might be the right fit for you!

Charlie - this poor sweet older Carolina Dog was on death row at the Baldwin Park shelter in California when he was rescued.  He's about 6-7 years old and had all of his vaccinations updated before leaving the shelter.  He was very fearful at the shelter and therefore labeled as aggressive - once he got out and into a foster home he showed us that he's just a scared boy who needed to be loved again!

He takes a little bit of time to warm up as most dogs do at his age given his circumstances.  He's been out for a little over a month now and he's so ready for his forever home!  Playful and silly he loves to play with his ball and be outdoors in the sunshine....he's 50 lbs of happy old puppy!  

​He's currently in foster in Glendale, CA - he loves to go for rides in the car, has a great appetite, isn't destructive at all in the house, and he's HW negative.  

Charlie really needs to find his own home so he can settle down for the last time and be someone's best friend.  We'd like to find him a home locally - but we can arrange transport for the perfect home if you're not in California.  

His perfect home would be a quiet one - no small children.....maybe another older dog would be good for companionship - but we think he'd be fine as an only dog with someone who's experienced with the breed.

Will you be Charlie's "Angel"?  Please say yes - he's waiting for you!

savingcarolinadogs@yahoo.com - send us an email and we'll get you an application!

​This sweet and gentle boy is named Kozmo.  At 47 lbs. and about 1.5 years old we rescued him from a TX high kill shelter at the end of February.  
Kozmo is crate trained, house trained, up to date on all vaccinations, neutered and HW negative - so now he just needs to find that perfect forever home.
His coat is beautiful - thick and soft.  He loves all other dogs - big and small...we don't know about cats though.  He's what we call a 'velcro dog' - he loves to follow you around the house and be near you.  His activity level is medium - he likes to play, but he can also snuggle up next to you on the couch.  Kozmo is shy until he gets to know you....loud noises (except the vacuum cleaner) do scare him so a quiet home with older children (if any) would be better.  He loves all of his toys and he also loves to chew on things so a home that understands a dog can get bored and will give him an outlet so he doesn't get destructive would be best.  He has a funny habit of backing out of rooms and small spaces - and he is very wary of men at first but with time warms up to them.  
His foster Mom is working on leash training with him - but it's a process...he seems to like being outside and just enjoying his freedom and the outdoors.  He was very shut down when we pulled him from the shelter and seems to revert when a harness or leash is put on him....but he's trying hard!
Kozmo's ideal home would be with adults - maybe a retired couple with a nice yard for him to play in -another dog would be a plus.  Quiet and not too demanding as he gets to know you....he'd be your best friend as you putt around the yard gardening or relax and read a book as the sun goes down - that would be perfect for Kozmo.

Send us an email at savingcarolinadogs@yahoo.com if you think you might be the right home for this beautiful pup!


​This is "Ziggy Stardust" one of our latest rescued pups​ that we pulled from a very high kill shelter in Oklahoma.  He's a male about 2-3 years old that was very fearful at the shelter.  His basic vetting has been done and he's being neutered this coming weekend (4/13/2018) in Texas where he's in boarding for now.  He could really use an experienced foster or forever home.

He loves to be outdoors where he can run and play and spend some of his energy. He's friendly with humans once he gets to know them (prior to that he's a little aloof which is common for Carolina Dogs.)  He's HW negative and has a beautiful thick coat along with a fish hook tail.  He moves like a champion Arabian horse, prancing and jumping with happiness.  

We think that Ziggy would do well in an active home that will give him lots of exercise and love.  He is crate trained and house broken - so now he just needs to find that perfect forever home so he can settle in and become your very best friend!

Send us an email if you're interested in learning more about Ziggy -