Name: Niki

Approximate date of birth: 5-27-18

Weight: 41 lbs.

Location: Georgia

Adoption status: Adopted!

Bio: She’s a playful, under a year old, sweet little puppy! She showed no aggression towards cats and as you can see in this video, loves to play! She’s going to be spayed and then she’ll be ready for her forever home! She's cat, dog, and very child friendly! We will add more details as her foster mom gets to know her.

Name: Finley

Approximate date of birth: 5/18/2018

Weight: 33 lbs.

Location: Texas

Adoption status: Adopted!

Bio: Finley was born in May 2018 and is a young CD rescued in Dallas, Texas this January. He is being fostered in Katy, TX near Houston and is heartworm negative, neutered, and vetted. He lives with two other CDs (his foster sisters), a cat and teenagers. Finley has fun playing with his foster sisters and loves all other dogs. He has been giving the nickname Finny. He likes to walk on a leash and run at the dog park. He would love to go to a home with another dog and is also very friendly to cats. Finny plays with soft toys and often hides them in the backyard. He enjoys being outside and wrestling with his foster sisters. He is crate trained and feels secure in one. It is recommended that he have a crate for him to relax in. Finny was very shy when first came and has improved a little. He will need to go to a home with lots of patience and calmness to help him get feel less scared. He loves to sit next to you and have his neck rubbed. When he meets new people he is scared and will bark. His foster family is working with lots of treats and calmness to help build up trust. He is potty trained and working on some commands. Finny can sit, walk on a leash and is coming fairly well. Cheese is his high value treat. Also loves to ride in the car. Finely is full of smiles and energy and has all the classic CD traits.

Name: Charlie

Approximate date of birth: 05/28/2011

Weight: 50 lbs.

Location: Glendale, CA

Adoption Status: Available Now

Bio: Charlie - this poor sweet older Carolina Dog was on death row at the Baldwin Park shelter in California when he was rescued.  He's about 6-7 years old and had all of his vaccinations updated before leaving the shelter.  He was very fearful at the shelter and therefore labeled as aggressive - once he got out and into a foster home he showed us that he's just a scared boy who needed to be loved again!
He takes a little bit of time to warm up as most dogs do at his age given his circumstances.  He's been out for awhile now and he's so ready for his forever home!  Playful and silly he loves to play with his ball and be outdoors in the sunshine....he's 50 lbs of happy old puppy!  
Charlie would do best as an only dog in a quiet home - he needs some time to adjust, but once he does he'll be your loyal friend until the end! Charlie is fearful of men so he would do best in a home with only female companions. This sweet boy LOVES being outside in his foster's garden and can spend hours enjoying nature - watching birds, playing with toys and basking in the sunshine - he really doesn't need much more! His adoption fee is reduced because we really just want Charlie to find his forever home so he can enjoy the rest of his life! He loves to go for rides in the car, has a great appetite, isn't destructive at all in the house, and he's HW negative. Charlie's adoption fee has been reduced because we really want to find him a home.

Name: Adam

Approximate date of birth: 12/20/2017

Weight: 33 lbs.

Location: North Carolina

Adoption status: Available

Bio: Adam is a very active dog and would benefit in a home with another dog. He has a very submissive and sensitive personality and is super obedient, I have even been able to take him off leash. He knows sit, stay and down and comes when called. Adam knows the same commands with hand signals as well. He is still a little puppy awkward sometimes but he is very athletic and light on his feet. Adam’s favorite game is fetch with a ball followed by a close second to the frisbee, but he’s a bit better catching the ball. He can jump to the moon, so if someone wanted to teach him to really catch frisbees he would be great at it. He also loves to go on a walk, or a run, and is fantastic on his leash. Adam is affectionate and likes to curl up next to you on the couch at night, he is a bit of a face licker but he’s getting better about it. He is only about 36 lbs, he doesn’t love a bath but he doesn’t fight with you over it. He has made friends with every single dog he has met, but it takes him 5-10 minutes of walking with a new dog until he calms himself down enough to meet. He immediately wants to jump on and start wrestling with a new dog. Adam is a pretty easy dog, he just requires some activity and a leader who is calm, confident and secure.

Name: Raider

Approximate date of birth: 12/13/2017

Weight: 65

Location: Texas

Adoption status: Available now

Bio: This magnificent boy just celebrated his first birthday!  Raider was rescued in the deep South of Texas from a  high kill shelter.  He was very sick with a URI when we pulled him and his amazing foster Mom & Dad nursed him back to health and he's now ready to find his forever home.

Raider LOVES playing so he'll need a playmate or two that can keep up with his gentle energy. He enjoys playing with his foster brother pups but they're smaller than him so he can be a bit overwhelming for them.  He listens very well to his foster Dad and is learning commands.  He absolutely loves to be with his people and settles down nicely at the end of the day. His classic Carolina Dog looks and behavior are a delight - we're so glad we saved him just in time because he's a spectacular boy!  

Let's find this boy his forever home - if you have other dogs that love to play, Raider would be a wonderful addition to your pack!

Send us an email at if you think Raider might be the perfect fit for your family.

Name: Koda

Approximate date of birth: 01/01/2017

Weight: 46 lbs.

Location: North Carolina

Adoption status: Available now

Bio: Koda is one of Mama Chloe’s puppies who we rescued in January 2017. He has been returned because he killed a cat that came into his yard. He is a very friendly boy who meets people & dogs very easily. He likes everyone and everyone likes him. He is a bit of a homebody & is happy if you’re near. He’s not afraid to go outside & get muddy with the boys but really seems to enjoy naps on the couch. He is very affectionate & loves to curl up next to you. He is crate trained but doesn’t require a crate. In my pack, he’s in the middle, but he’s rather submissive & he assimilated very quickly. He is very food motivated, which makes new training go quickly. He has a pretty big personality & a happy disposition. He is a bit more vocal but has a personality similar to Leroy Brown (his brother). He has the softest coat you’ve ever felt & even with the longer coat, LB doesn’t shed much & I think Koda will be the same. He loves going for his walks, especially when the neighbors & their dogs join us. He is learning how to be better on his leash & doing very well, he doesn’t pull, it’s more of a side to side thing. I’m sure he would do very well in doggie day care. He doesn’t have any special needs & could be a single dog or part of a pack. Generally speaking he’s pretty easy going. He just needs a pack leader who is confident and consistent.

Name: Chase

Approximate date of birth: 2/27/18

Weight: 51 lbs.

Location: Texas - needs foster!

Adoption status: Recovering from neuter

Bio: This is Chase from Palm Valley Animal Control! We were totally blown away when we saw his picture showing he's a saddleback......BUT, it's a little more complicated than that. Chase seems to be the perfect blend of a Carolina Dog and a German Shepherd.....his front end is CD - and his back end is GSD! If you love both breeds and are looking for a very well behaved and sweet male - this boy may be the one for you! He's a gorgeous boy - a little over a year old!

Name: Joy

Approximate date of birth: 06/02/2018

Weight: 25 lbs.

Location: Texas

Adoption status: Available

Bio: Joy was rescued from the Palm Valley Animal Center in Palm Valley, Texas, which is on the Texas/Mexico border. She made an approximate 400 mile trip up to her foster family's house in Willis, Texas. She gets along beautifully with her fosters siblings, 3 dogs and 2 cats. She displays a submissive personality so making friends is quick and easy for her. She is incredibly friendly with people and other animals. She is SUPER cat friendly! She does want to play with them so if they run she will chase them but does not show a prey drive and will back off when they show they have had enough. If the cats allow, she will cuddle up with them on a pet bed. She plays well alone but does prefer to have a playmate! She absolutely LOVES toys, bones and tennis balls! Her foster siblings have tried to teach her to chase squirrels but she isn't interested, she would rather lay in the sun and chew on a toy or sticks. She maybe on the small side but she is full of personality! She is the perfect size to snuggle up in your lap! She loves to cuddle on the couch but has been trained that she can only come up if she is invited, to accommodate those with a strict no pets on the furniture rule. She is still very much a puppy so she will need a family that will be patient with her and that is committed to training. She knows the sit and no commands but potty training is still a work in progress. She sleeps through the night in her kennel, is on a twice daily feeding schedule and shows absolutely no food aggression. She walks well on a leash but does need more practice. She is so precious! She will be an amazing addition to someone's family!!

Name: Ivy

Approximate date of birth: 02/27/2018

Weight: 42

Location: Texas

Adoption status: Coming Soon!

Bio: Ivy is a sweet, crazy puppy looking for her forever home! She loves other dogs and cats. She is very high energy and playful so she needs a family who is active. She is a little shy with people at first but warms up quickly! This girl can jump so she needs a home who knows she can't ever be left alone in a yard because she will escape. As we learn more about Ivy's personality and needs, we will update her bio!

Name: Ada

Approximate date of birth: 11/15/2016

Weight: 50 lbs.

Location: Texas

Adoption status: Available and ready for her forever home!

Bio: Ada is a 2 year old Carolina Dog that's currently being fostered in the Houston TX area.  She's been spayed, she's HW negative and she's up to date on all vaccinations.  Her foster home has been working on commands with her (she knows, sit and shake) and also walking on leash - she's making amazing progress!  She's crate trained (although she'd rather be out on her dog bed snuggled next to you!), house broken and loves to work for her treats!  She's very intelligent and since she's food motivated she learns very quickly.  She loves playing with the other dogs in the house (and out of the house too!), she's very engaging with people and she's fine with children.  We don't know about cats so a home without them would be best. Her foster Mom says that she loves to entertain herself by throwing toys in the air and catching them herself....she peaks at you to see if you're watching!​

 SCD take dogs into the rescue using volunteer foster homes which enables us to get to know what each dog is like. Every dog is different and being able to see if they are dog friendly, cat friendly, good with children, etc., gives us the ability to properly match our dogs with the best possible home. Social media has played a huge part in our growth and we have a very active Facebook group that posts updates, pictures, and videos of the dogs we have under our care. With a network of fosters and volunteers across the country, we are now able to initiate rescue in areas where we have available resources. 

Offering rescue across the country is a very big responsibility and we're always looking for new fosters.  Fostering saves lives, not only the dog being pulled from the shelter but the next one coming into the shelter. If you're able to foster, please consider signing up with us by filling out this form

While we do love this breed, we realize they are not for every home. Our adoption application is very specific and we do require vet references, telephone interviews, home checks when possible, and we always connect our fosters with potential adopters so we can make sure we're placing our dogs in the perfect forever home - for both the dog and the adopting family.

We have a constant rotation of dogs coming in and being adopted out so the information below is constantly changing. We try to post new dogs quickly but we don't always have details on them immediately. Often our dogs are coming out of environments that are not ideal so to get a true read on their personality we like to allow them to decompress before making decisions on what type of family would be best for them. If you are interested in adopting and have specific questions on a dog posted below, please send us an email at!