Name: Lucinda

Approximate date of birth: 01/01/2019

Weight: 20 lbs.

Location: North Carolina

Adoption status: Available now

Bio: This is Lucinda! She is such an easy dog, a total sweetheart. She has introduced fantastic to dogs, cats, people, and kids. Her personality is starting to emerge and she's a little firecracker. Luci loves to play chase with the boys, mouth wars is a favorite pastime, and she likes hiding in tall grass waiting for one of the boys to wander too close and she ambushes them. Luci thinks she's a much bigger dog than she is. She is very confident and does fantastic in new places. We’ve had no recent accidents so it seems as though she's housebroken. I am crate training her with no problems and she's learning how to walk on a leash and does great. Luci is food motivated and smart so she's been easy to start training. So far she knows sit and we are working on longer periods of stay. Luci is very affectionate, she loves curling up next to or on you and taking a nap and gives lots of licks. If you're looking for a friendly, easily trained, sweet, happy, fun loving, little girl then Luci is for you. I think if she could talk she would tell me "Girls rule! Boys drool!" and I'm pretty sure she will be running the boys here within another week. She is currently breaking hearts in Charlotte, NC.

Name: Charlie

Approximate date of birth: 05/28/2011

Weight: 50 lbs.

Location: Glendale, CA

Adoption Status: Available Now

Bio: Charlie - this poor sweet older Carolina Dog was on death row at the Baldwin Park shelter in California when he was rescued.  He's about 6-7 years old and had all of his vaccinations updated before leaving the shelter.  He was very fearful at the shelter and therefore labeled as aggressive - once he got out and into a foster home he showed us that he's just a scared boy who needed to be loved again!
He takes a little bit of time to warm up as most dogs do at his age given his circumstances.  He's been out for awhile now and he's so ready for his forever home!  Playful and silly he loves to play with his ball and be outdoors in the sunshine....he's 50 lbs of happy old puppy!  
Charlie would do best as an only dog in a quiet home - he needs some time to adjust, but once he does he'll be your loyal friend until the end! Charlie is fearful of men so he would do best in a home with only female companions. This sweet boy LOVES being outside in his foster's garden and can spend hours enjoying nature - watching birds, playing with toys and basking in the sunshine - he really doesn't need much more! His adoption fee is reduced because we really just want Charlie to find his forever home so he can enjoy the rest of his life! He loves to go for rides in the car, has a great appetite, isn't destructive at all in the house, and he's HW negative. Charlie's adoption fee has been reduced because we really want to find him a home.

 SCD take dogs into the rescue using volunteer foster homes which enables us to get to know what each dog is like. Every dog is different and being able to see if they are dog friendly, cat friendly, good with children, etc., gives us the ability to properly match our dogs with the best possible home. Social media has played a huge part in our growth and we have a very active Facebook group that posts updates, pictures, and videos of the dogs we have under our care. With a network of fosters and volunteers across the country, we are now able to initiate rescue in areas where we have available resources. 

Offering rescue across the country is a very big responsibility and we're always looking for new fosters.  Fostering saves lives, not only the dog being pulled from the shelter but the next one coming into the shelter. If you're able to foster, please consider signing up with us by filling out this form

While we do love this breed, we realize they are not for every home. Our adoption application is very specific and we do require vet references, telephone interviews, home checks when possible, and we always connect our fosters with potential adopters so we can make sure we're placing our dogs in the perfect forever home - for both the dog and the adopting family.

We have a constant rotation of dogs coming in and being adopted out so the information below is constantly changing. We try to post new dogs quickly but we don't always have details on them immediately. Often our dogs are coming out of environments that are not ideal so to get a true read on their personality we like to allow them to decompress before making decisions on what type of family would be best for them. If you are interested in adopting and have specific questions on a dog posted below, please send us an email at!

Name: Ivy

Approximate date of birth: 02/27/2018

Weight: 55

Location: Texas

Adoption status: ADOPTION PENDING!

Bio: Ivy is a sweet, crazy puppy looking for her forever home! She loves other dogs and cats. She is very high energy and playful so she needs a family who is active. She is a little shy with people at first but warms up quickly! This girl can jump so she needs a home who knows she can't ever be left alone in a yard because she will escape. She is still learning her manners so she needs a family committed to training her and being patient with her as she learns. She LOVES toys & belly rubs more than any dog I have ever met. She is very curious & mischievous so supervision is a must with her. She is crate trained and gladly goes in her crate when she's home alone or to sleep in at night. 

Name: Sierra

Approximate date of birth: 04/07/2018

Weight: 45 lbs.

Location: Florida

Adoption status: *Undergoing heartworm treatment in a foster home*

Bio: She’s very, very loving, she’s a talker (especially when it’s time to eat). She’s good with people, other dogs, and kids. NOT good with cats. She’s loves to run, but because she’s HW positive we restrict her activity and she loves, loves, loves to cuddle. It is her favorite thing to do. She’s also a hugger. If you’re sitting down, she’ll come to you, wrap her legs around you and literally hug you.

Name: Harper

Approximate date of birth: 05/20/2018

Weight: 48 lbs.

Location: Georgia

Adoption status: Available now

Bio: Harper does respond to his name most of the time. He will sit on command some of the time, unless there is food present then he sits all the time. He is great with other dogs. Likes to wrestle and play hard but nothing aggressive or mean spirited. He definitely needs a playmate or a family that will take him multiple times a week to doggie daycare. He loves people, but does jump on them when really excited. He also play bites when really excited, which I am working with him to break that behavior. He has a lot of energy and loves to run so a family with a fenced yard and another dog would be ideal for him. He has an extremely high prey drive and will chase a prey animal instantly and in that mode his name means nothing. For this reason he cannot be off leash outside of securely enclosed area!!! I cannot stress this enough, if there is the slightest opening in the fencing and we seeing a prey animal he will get out and chase, so leaving him unattended in a yard is risky if the yard is not properly fenced in. He is crate trained and completely house broken (not one accident in my house). At night he has been sleeping in my bed with my other dog, but he will sleep in a crate.

Name: Ducky

Approximate date of birth: 1/5/19

Weight: 45

Location: Texas

Adoption status: Available now

Bio: Ducky is a fun boy who is looking for his forever home! He is young and spunky but he will do almost anything for a treat so he will be easy to train. He loves everyone he meets! He is high energy but once he has had some exercise he loves to just lay down and cuddle while you rub his belly. Because he is a big guy and has high energy, he would probably be best suited for a home without little kiddos because he might accidentally knock them down. He has not been tested with cats but because of his size and energy level, we would suggest a home without them. Ducky is a fun loving guy who just needs a family that is willing to teach him some manners and play with him!

Name: Peaches

Approximate date of birth: 03/24/2017

Weight: 46lbs

Location: Florida

Adoption Status: Coming Soon!

Bio: Peaches is a complete cuddle bug that adores being loved on. She’s likes to play “shadow” and follow you everywhere you go and even enjoyed a relaxing bubble bath. She is a complete sweetheart, utd on shots, HW negative, and is awaiting her spay. More information on Peaches will be coming soon as her foster mom gets to know her personality a bit more!

Name: Ollie

Approximate date of birth: 08/24/18

Weight: 47lbs

Foster Location: North Carolina

Adoption status: Available now

Bio: My name is Ollie! I was really excited when my first family had a puppy but they called it a baby. Then for some reason they took me to a scary place and told the people there that because they had the baby they did not have time for me anymore. There were lots of scared dogs at this place they called a shelter. Foster mom came and picked me up just in time for July 4th. Whoopie!! They had some friends round with young kids and they all fell in love with me and I was not scared of them, but just wagged my tail and let them pet me. I am still a youngster but I can go potty all by myself outside. I don’t chew on things other than my toys or foster dad’s socks if he leaves them on the floor. Luna, my foster sister, plays with me until she gets tired then I know I need to leave her alone because she shows me her big teeth. I learned really quickly not to mess with her after that. I have to confess though, when she is napping, I steal all the toys and hide them in the back yard. I love being outdoors, and spend lots of time just sniffing around in the yard or lying under a bush. I do love attention from foster mom, but if she tells me ‘No Oliver’, I will go lie down somewhere where I can keep an eye on her. I have been on a few walks with my foster family and they are fun. I am learning not to pull on the lead. Please adopt me, I promise to be a good boy. Love, Ollie.

Name: Clyde

Approximate date of birth: 08/02/2018

Weight: 59 lbs.

Location: South Carolina

Adoption status: Available now

Bio: Clyde is about 10 month old male that is soooo loving. He is up to date on his shots, heartworm negative, neutered and ready for his forever home. He would love a fun loving brother or sister that likes to play hard. He’s very strong and needs manner teaching. We will be working on that until he is adopted. Super friendly and will make someone a lucky owner.

Name: Lola Bunny

Approximate date of birth: 03/15/2019

Weight: 25lbs

Foster Location: Texas

Adoption Status: Coming Soon!

Bio: Lola Bunny is brand new to the SCD crew! We will update with more information once this little beauty had settled in and her foster family is able to get to know her personality a bit more.

Name: Ella

Approximate date of birth: 12/2/18

Weight: 27 lbs

Location: Texas

Adoption status: Coming Soon!

Bio: Ella is waiting to be spayed and vaccinated and then she will be ready to go to her forever home! We will update with more information as we get to know her!

Name: Chance

Approximate date of birth: 06/05/2018

Weight: 75 lbs.

Location: Georgia

Adoption status: ADOPTION PENDING!

Bio: Chance is spending some time with a trainer. Chance would be fine as an only dog in a home. He loves kids!! He loves being with people but needs to be introduced properly to them. He plays very well with other dogs but can overdo it sometimes so he needs a firm hand to correct him and tell him enough is enough. He’s great on leash and loves going for walks.

Name: Dolce

Approximate date of birth: 12/10/2018

Weight: 34 lbs.

Location: South Carolina

Adoption status: ADOPTION PENDING!

Bio: Here is what we know so far about Dolce! She has fit in well with the different energy levels with the Q-pack (her foster family) -definitely loves play time, but doesn't demand it, and loves the quiet snuggle time that follows. She has learned to love treats and learned sit very quickly. Still working on walking on a lead-loves to play with the lead instead! Loves having another pup (or 2 in the house) and had a blast playing with other dogs. Seems to like to play in water, but still hesitant with the pool or the ocean. Seems to like sleeping under tables and chairs or her den. She is housebroken and will be fully vaccinated and spayed soon.  She is super relaxed for a puppy and is just looking for a pack to love!

Name: Emmy

Approximate date of birth: 01/23/2019

Weight: 31 lbs. and growing

Location: Texas

Adoption status: ADOPTION PENDING!

Bio: I have 2 foster sisters and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! I like the occasional pet from people but I’m not really into snuggling just yet! I like kids!! I like when they throw the ball!! I have never seen a cat so I don’t know what I would think of that. I like playing with all the toys. One of my favorites is a racquetball!! I also Love wrestling, I’m working on all my WWE moves with my foster sisters! My foster mom says that when I get excited I kinda look like a jumping baby goat, I prefer to call it perfecting my pounce! I also like splashing around in the pool on a nice hot day. It’s the best!!! Lastly, my all time favorite thing to do is hunt bugs. June bugs make a great bedtime snack!! Yumm! I’m still a puppy so I’m still learning and honestly I’m still growing into these giant legs and paws!! I’ve been working on trying to learn some basic commands, but let’s be honest I don’t have the longest attention span right now. I’m still a puppy after all!!! I know how to sit really well, when I want too. I’m still learning how to walk on a leash. I’m not too crazy about it if I’m by myself, but if one of my sisters is with me I feel better! I’m not house trained yet but to be fair I am pretty young to have the house to myself!! If I’m out of my kennel, I probably need a babysitter. Hopefully I’ll be done teething soon, the tooth fairy went broke since I lost 8 teeth in a week!!! I’m about 90% potty trained. Most the time I’ll let you know, but I still have accidents. 

Emmy is still very much a puppy. She is very smart and strong willed. She will need a home that understands that she is young and has just begun training and will continue training with her. She would LOVE to have another dog in the house to play with!

Name: Lana/Lona

Approximate date of birth: 03/01/2016

Weight: 45 lbs.

Location: Texas

Adoption status: Undergoing heartworm treatment

Bio: *Lona is currently undergoing heartworm treatment in a foster home.* Lona is a sweet 3 year old pup that spent most of her early years living outside. She was surrendered to a shelter when her family found out they were having a baby. She’s great with kids, loves walks/runs & needs a brother/sister dog her size or bigger to play with. She does not like small dogs. She takes a while to trust a man, but once she realizes the man won’t hurt her, she does good! She loves to swim in ponds. She is crated when her foster family leaves and she also sleeps in the crate at night. She is a sweet girl that would do great in an active family!