Name: Ada

Approximate date of birth: 11/15/2016

Weight: 50 lbs.

Location: Texas

Adoption status: Waiting on spay

Bio: Ada is approximately 2. She weighs about 50 lbs. She is a recent mother so we are waiting to get her spayed. She is a quick learner and potty trained. She knows sit, shake, and we are working on the leash. Great with other dogs. She does have some anxiety when left at home. We crate her when gone. She loves attention and wants you with her when she is outside! More information to follow!

 SCD take dogs into the rescue using volunteer foster homes which enables us to get to know what each dog is like. Every dog is different and being able to see if they are dog friendly, cat friendly, good with children, etc., gives us the ability to properly match our dogs with the best possible home. Social media has played a huge part in our growth and we have a very active Facebook group that posts updates, pictures, and videos of the dogs we have under our care. With a network of fosters and volunteers across the country, we are now able to initiate rescue in areas where we have available resources. 

Offering rescue across the country is a very big responsibility and we're always looking for new fosters.  Fostering saves lives, not only the dog being pulled from the shelter but the next one coming into the shelter. If you're able to foster, please consider signing up with us by filling out this form

While we do love this breed, we realize they are not for every home. Our adoption application is very specific and we do require vet references, telephone interviews, home checks when possible, and we always connect our fosters with potential adopters so we can make sure we're placing our dogs in the perfect forever home - for both the dog and the adopting family.

We have a constant rotation of dogs coming in and being adopted out so the information below is constantly changing. We try to post new dogs quickly but we don't always have details on them immediately. Often our dogs are coming out of environments that are not ideal so to get a true read on their personality we like to allow them to decompress before making decisions on what type of family would be best for them. If you are interested in adopting and have specific questions on a dog posted below, please send us an email at!

Name: Ivy

Approximate date of birth: 02/27/2018

Weight: 42

Location: Texas

Adoption status: Coming Soon!

Bio: Ivy is a sweet, crazy puppy looking for her forever home! She loves other dogs and cats. She is very high energy and playful so she needs a family who is active. She is a little shy with people at first but warms up quickly! This girl can jump so she needs a home who knows she can't ever be left alone in a yard because she will escape. As we learn more about Ivy's personality and needs, we will update her bio!

Name: Charlie

Approximate date of birth: 05/28/2011

Weight: 50 lbs.

Location: Glendale, CA

Adoption Status: Available Now

Bio: Charlie - this poor sweet older Carolina Dog was on death row at the Baldwin Park shelter in California when he was rescued.  He's about 6-7 years old and had all of his vaccinations updated before leaving the shelter.  He was very fearful at the shelter and therefore labeled as aggressive - once he got out and into a foster home he showed us that he's just a scared boy who needed to be loved again!
He takes a little bit of time to warm up as most dogs do at his age given his circumstances.  He's been out for awhile now and he's so ready for his forever home!  Playful and silly he loves to play with his ball and be outdoors in the sunshine....he's 50 lbs of happy old puppy!  
Charlie would do best as an only dog in a quiet home - he needs some time to adjust, but once he does he'll be your loyal friend until the end! Charlie is fearful of men so he would do best in a home with only female companions. This sweet boy LOVES being outside in his foster's garden and can spend hours enjoying nature - watching birds, playing with toys and basking in the sunshine - he really doesn't need much more! His adoption fee is reduced because we really just want Charlie to find his forever home so he can enjoy the rest of his life! He loves to go for rides in the car, has a great appetite, isn't destructive at all in the house, and he's HW negative. Charlie's adoption fee has been reduced because we really want to find him a home.

Name: Dusty

Approximate date of birth: 11/27/2017

Weight: 35 lbs.

Location: North Carolina

Adoption status: Available

Bio: He's great with kids, cats, and other dogs (we have all of these at my house). He's super easygoing and eager to please, and he loves hugs and cuddling. He's also playful and can chill out -- such a great balance. He's pretty much house trained and crate trained. He's just a great all around dog, and he will quickly transition into almost any home situation.

Name: Stevie

Approximate date of birth: 08/10/2016

Weight: 46 lbs.

Location: Texas

Adoption status: Available

Bio: She is super sweet, loves to cuddle, seemed to pick up on being part of the family pretty fast. She plays well with her foster brother and puts him in his place without hurting him when he gets too sniffy. However, I think she is pretty submissive otherwise. Her game is to race around the backyard at full sprint and snout punching Noms in the bum to try to get him to chase her. She knows sit, no, go outside, go potty but isn’t really interested in toys yet. She does pull on the leash but I’m sure with some work she could learn to walk better. Her regular walk is like she is prancing or dancing, like a little reindeer, and it’s hard to get a good pic because her tail is constantly moving and she is fast. She is ready to go and looking forward to meeting her forever family!

Name: Tori

Approximate date of birth: 06/17/2017

Weight: 43 lbs.

Location: Georgia

Adoption status: Looking for long term foster or foster-to-adopt home to see her through heartworm treatment

Bio: Tori was found at Jackson County Animal Control in Georgia. She had been there about six weeks when she was rescued. She was very fearful, and wouldn’t even stand up the first two days she was with us. She has come out of her shell the past few weeks, and is a very sweet snuggly little girl. She loves to play with her Carolina Dog foster sister Delilah, and also gets along well with our chocolate lab and Great Pyrenees. She does well with cats, even sharing a bed with our elderly guy, and her favorite thing in the world seems to be teenage girls. Tori is potty trained, and does very well in a crate. She rarely barks, and is very calm (unless she is in the yard with Delilah!) She has not shown any chewing behavior. She did not have any training at all when we got her, so we have been working on that. She is very good with off and no, and is getting the hang of sit. She walks well on a leash when she wants to, but if she is scared she will refuse to move. Tori is still fearful at times, but has never shown aggression. She will require a little patience in a new home, especially if there are small children or a lot of noise. She would be perfect for someone looking for a calm snuggly best friend.

Name: Adam

Approximate date of birth: Coming soon!

Weight: 31.8 lbs.

Location: North Carolina

Adoption status: Available, as a bonded pair with sister, Eve

Bio: Adam loves every dog he meets. He is a bit more standoffish with strangers, but warms up quickly. Adam is a face licker. Adam and Eve would benefit from separate adoptions. They both train pretty easy and are very food motivated.  They are now housebroken and can sit. Both are doing very good with leash training also and are both walking with a loose leash already.They both listen very well and come when called. They still do a little counter surfing but are getting much better. I don't think they've had much interaction with people and this is the first house they've stayed in but they get better every day. Both dogs are incredibly affectionate. They are very active and love just hanging in the yard.